The scale has no heartbeat

The scale has no heartbeat

I had just typed a response to a message that a friend had sent me about the struggle of idolizing the scale.

You know , the machine that spits out a number at you after you reluctantly step on it with both feet.

You could feel her struggle by reading her comments within that message. You could tell the number on the scale was holding her captive and limiting her ability to see any results she had conquered at all through her work. I could sense she was placing all success and results upon that number on the scale. It was possibly driving her inner peace and her vision to see who she was in the mirror.

If we are being transparent , who hasn’t done this ? Who hasn’t placed enormous amounts of pressure upon ourselves to look and be like what we define as perfection. What girl hasn’t struggled with this in their lifetime? Even the strongest and most confident women I know have struggled at one time or another. It’s a battle in our society, and one that’s a constant, ugly and nasty fight.

That pesky scale has played a part in this, and it’s time to stop using it as the driving force behind what we measure ourselves upon.

For some the scale is agony. For others, it’s an obsession. It’s sadly even a crippling stronghold for others.



Logically, the scale is a way to measure our weight and there are factors about this that we need to know medically and for purposes to determine components of our overall health.

The thing that turns the idea of watching the number on the scale backwards, Is when we put all of our self worth into a machine that has no heartbeat. No soul. No reflection of who you are as a human being. No mirror image of what your worth is. This is the danger that the scale can create.

As a fitness instructor , if you think I’m giving a pass on not taking your health seriously, think again. We as a society have an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, disease, illness and so on and so on. We are falling victim to the way our culture is marketed to through fast-food industries, processed and chemical-filled foods and a lack of control when it comes to proper portions. I’m passionately fired up about the health of this country and I am in the fight to help change and reverse all of this. We cannot continue on the road we’re going as a country and be fine with the complacency of watching our population plummet into a downward spiral.

I’m an avid believer in becoming the healthiest version of yourself, and with that means monitoring your health via fitness, clean nutrition, accountability and healthy labs and stats. Sometimes the scale is vital to give us a goal to aim for to achieve the ultimate healthy version of YOU. There are no passes here for those who truly need change to increase their longevity and quality of life. Finding the healthiest version of yourself may require lots of work, self-disciple and actualization in this area. Nonetheless, we are not all robots and created the same. We all breathe the same air, but we are not made to look like, be, or compare ourselves to others.

Looking to someone else for motivation and inspiration is completely healthy and good ! Heck, it’s the sole purpose of what I do and what I strive to be for others. However, I would never want comparison entering the picture in any shape or form. There is danger and darkness there.

The minute you let the number on the scale , and the worldly depiction of what “beauty” is drive your self-worth compass, you are walking down a false, lifeless and empty road. You will spend your life trying to look like another, focusing every minute on trying to get that number on the scale down. You will find frustration, endless agony of fighting a battle that is not yours to engage in.

You see, all cliches set aside … All things you have heard once and let it go in one ear and out the other …. You NEED to go back to the basics and hear that you are a child of the most high God, and He is THE maker of beauty.

There is pure beauty in your journey and there is possible darkness in your journey. Which are you choosing to experience ? When all of your self- worth is wrapped up in a cold, man-made piece of equipment displaying a number, you will inevitably choose the dark side of your journey of what was once supposed to be a healthy direction of life change.

Look in the mirror. You are ENOUGH… scratch that, you are irreplaceable.
You are created uniquely, there are things about you that others wish they had. There are things about you that only God knew how to make …. It’s not for you to throw away, destroy or alter the inner being of what He made.

Never stop growing. Never stop reaching to better yourself.  And for the fitness instructor inside of me,  “Never stop challenging yourself to achieve that change you want ! ”

God tells us he loves us where we are , but he also loves us too much to leave us where we are. He wants us to grow, to achieve greatness and to mature into the person he knows that you can be.

But for the sake of sanity, peace, contentment, and self-worth …stop looking at others in the gym, models in magazines and celebrities on tv as your end goal for yourself. They are NOT your only option for what you think happiness and confidence looks like.

So, every time you endure this struggle, tell yourself you are not playing that game and you will not give Satan, the enemy, a foothold within you. Beat him down and remind yourself you are a loved child of God and you exude the radiance of His creation. That’s what’s real, what matters and what you should be striving to focus on.

After all, that “scale ” you have been measuring your worth upon is really just a machine that spits out a number….. A man-made piece of equipment with no heartbeat or soul.

Who wants to measure their worth based off that?

You are a creation to be reckoned with, go find that fire within yourself to drive big changes in your journey to health. You are fiercely adored by the God who made you.

Go step on that …and let what it reflects be your obsession.

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