The food deception

The food deception

Deception. It’s truly the name of the game when it comes to the food industry and what the American people are buying off the shelves in grocery stores.

Before you possibly sigh, or maybe even write this topic off because you have heard this “You’re doing it wrong…eat healthier…choose better foods” message over and over, hang with me as this is not a shame on you blog.

You see, we the consumers often get much of the attack or blame when it comes to the topic of healthy versus unhealthy food choices. We are told to make wise choices, buy whole foods, and adapt to the newest nutrition tip for that month. We are constantly being exposed and surrounded with the messaging to improve our health, but what’s happening behind the scenes is a big game of deception to make these lifestyle and food choices harder to recognize. Boxes and labels read “all natural, no sugar added, fat free, multi-grain, sugar free, real fruit added,” etc.  Words that are used by the food industry to mask what’s truly inside their product making it completely the opposite for we the consumers to eat. When I see words like these on labels, my red flag immediately goes off because I know this is the work of shady marketing and deceit.

This entire project that I’ve created is built upon the valid frustration of watching our country spiral downward in health. There are numerous factors to the decline, and I fully realize that it’s largely a combo of many things (topics I’ll address in another blog) …but a large one is the quality, ingredients and the makeup of what we are putting in our bodies. Our meat sources are loaded with antibiotics, growth hormone injections and toxic artificial chemicals. Our vegetables and fruits are not only sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, but they are grown in soils with the same material which soaks straight into the core of the crop. We are eating foods that have been genetically modified, meaning man-made and artificially created. We consume more processed, bleached, synthetic and high inflammatory ingredients than ever before, and yet we are still duped into repeating the same cycle behavior of buying and eating these foods. The majority of people have no clue how lost we are in the normalcy of eating what is sold on the shelves of conventional American grocery stores. A label is slapped on an item that gives just enough phrasing to make the consumer believe it’s a good food choice, all while we continue to overload and pile in the very toxins that I believe are contributing to disease, illness, disorders and overall poor health in this country.

This is where I pray I come in…someone to help shed light on the “good vs. bad” food battle. Someone to help coach others through the research, investigating and study that comes with the quality and ingredients in our food. I am not claiming to be some famous expert. I don’t have letters behind my name (yet), but I’m a soon to be Certified Holistic Nutritionist and I’ve given years now to really focus my time and energy into understanding what I know now. This is where I want God to use me to be a humble yet strong vessel in the world to provide the knowledge of what I have gained to pass onto others.



I’m sick of seeing the FDA, EPA and unethical practices of the food industry continue to poison the American people by deceiving them into buying foods made up of cheap chemicals to pass them through lazy regulations, which then pass on to us to create larger pockets for themselves by choosing profit over general health for their consumers.

I want to help fight this by creating change in how we look at the foods we buy, what the ingredients actually mean and help develop new patterns of habit when choosing what we put in the grocery cart.

We are programmed to be habitual.  It’s hard to deviate from change, and creating an entire new way of thinking and living can be scary to a lot of people. Learning new information is intimidating, but it’s not an excuse to ignore it or go around it. Any kind of change in the mindset takes time to adapt to. This applies to most of us when we learn that to truly fuel our bodies and protect them against sickness and possible disease, we have to realize that some change needs to happen. Change is tough and we can immediately push back at the thought of it. If a stubborn wall is suddenly thrown up in defense when facing the reality that change may need to take place, that should be the warning sign that we are holding on to some form of unhealthy lifestyle because we can’t or we won’t let go due to habit.

Our bodies thrive off of whole, clean, and real food. Food is the most powerful fuel to our bodies, or it can be the most powerful poison. We need to step out of the “it won’t hurt me now” mentality, and start reprogramming our minds to think about our future health and what kind of quality of life we want long term.

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s not get overwhelmed with thinking change will take place in one day.

I want to help provide you with a starting point…my top 8 food standard tips to begin cleansing the old habits of how we are used to eating. Begin here and then we will work together on moving towards the next phases of eliminating the food and ingredients that are contributing to a toxic body.

Download Lindsay’s free tips on what to look for on food quality :  food standard list

In someways, I believe we the consumers have been innocently blind to the process of how our food is raised, grown and developed, being deceived by marketing and messaging. However, I also believe we the consumers have chosen to turn a blind eye to this information because it can cause understandable frustration, feelings of defeat, or maybe even stubborn defensiveness because it requires a change in mindset.

Either way, the choice is ours to make and there is power and refreshing life in knowing that we have a choice in what we choose to either fuel or poison our bodies with day to day. Deceit is only deceit as long as you continue to be deceived.


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