Classes have been in complete PURE SWEAT mode (#puresweatmode ) lately! Full of energy, sweat-dripping, massive power… on another level kind of mode!  A higher standard of the word “workout,” and a deeper level of the word “burn.”



I’m so thankful to have the dance crew members that I have show up every single week, they are individually amazing to me. I’m grateful for their loyal attendance and for their drive to push hard every single time I hit PLAY.

It’s not uncommon for these people to blow me away week after week…it’s almost as if we all know the level that is upon us when we step in the room. The expectation is that you get the most energized instructor leading you through YOUR workout to sweat and burn as many calories as you can. The expectation is that you feel like you’re at a dance party and that you are surrounded by a tribe of others rooting and cheering for you. The expectation is that you come back week after week stronger, energized and able to push past another level of endurance.


That is the goal for my classes…for you to feel you are climbing higher aerobically and endurance wise week after week. The bar is raised, the standard continues to grow and that you will always push harder and challenge yourself to keep excelling the longer you are with me. These are the things I pray for and these are the things I have watched happen within every single person before my very eyes.

The people who continually come back for another round are my inspiration. They fuel my fire, inspire me to be a better instructor, and give me confirmation that I’m doing one of the most rewarding things in life…helping others excel in their fitness journey to live healthy and thriving lives!

You all add to my passion, joy and calling in this life of mine…I pray I add numerous things to yours!

So a big round of applause to my:

  • Monday night crew
  • Wednesday lunch crew
  • Wednesday night crew
  • Thursday morning crew
  • Monthly Saturday morning crew

You guys light up my life and I’m truly grateful for each of you.


Thursday morning crew


  • KIDS HIP HOP CARDIO workshop was a big hit! We will continue these workshops through summer on the 4th Saturday of each month! We are partnering with One Healthy Bod fitness and FLEX 4 FLEX for Support the kid, to help fight childhood cancer charity event. There will be food, fun competition, and bounce houses outside on each of these Saturdays we hold the workshop. Percentage of class proceeds will go to this organization to help these families.


  • Bring your child for following dates: April 22nd, May 27th, June 24th, and July 22nd
  • 9-10am, $10 per child
  • One Healthy Bod fitness Edmond, OK
1st kids hip hop class!

→Be on the lookout for a MOMMY & ME workshop to come this early summer!

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