Pure Sweat workout set

Pure Sweat workout set


Helpful quick home workout tips to focus and target on specific muscle groups!

My husband I have been following Beachbody’s workout programs for over a year now. I initially started these after having our son and I needed a program that would help me drop weight and build my muscle definition back up. I continued to teach my cardio dance classes all throughout my pregnancy, which I feel helped my energy and stamina during that time tremendously.  However, when I started teaching again after he was born, I knew I needed something in addition to teaching my classes several times a week to add lean muscle back in.

I needed something that would provide strength training using weights along with my own body weight. The problem had been finding the time to stay at the gym to get this done after I had already taught an hour of cardio fitness. I found it difficult to find time to leave the house with my baby outside of these hours just to get more training in. My husband would come home from work at the end of the day, and I honestly didn’t want to lose more family time by turning around and leaving them to head back to the gym for strength training. It became an area of stress for me as an instructor who wanted to cover all bases in one hour.

That’s when we began the home programs that last an average of thirty minutes for a total body hard core workout. I started out doing these in our garage during our sons nap time during the day when I was home. It became my saving grace. I could pack him up and take him with me to go teach my cardio dance classes at the gym, and then have my own personal thirty minutes in the garage to finish up with what I knew my body needed.

It was convenient, it fit my schedule and it made the process of leaning out so much easier when it fit with what was best for me and my life. The programs WORK, and soon my husband and I both saw the transformation within ourselves that made us “Home garage workout” junkies.

These helpful quick set tips provided are a combination of things we have learned from the Beachbody workouts, but will also be sets that we personally create and design ourselves. I hope these are helpful to you, as they can be done at home for effective and real results.



SET 1: One minute on one side, then switch legs. Repeat sequence five times on each side.


SET 2: Each side is done for a full minute just like SET 1, and I would also recommend doing five rounds on each leg.

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