My 2018 favorite gift ideas

My 2018 favorite gift ideas

It’s officially the holiday season, which is my favorite time of the year! Christmas is special to our family as we are building new traditions with our little boys and enjoying the celebration of our Lord Jesus. In all transparency, we are trying to go against the norm and enjoy this month at a slower pace, without all the chaos that “gift-giving” can bring. We do however, believe it is a blessing to give, and also a huge blessing to receive. 


So, while we want to focus our attention on the meaning of Christmas, I also know that gift-giving can be a fun and great way to love on others. This is where I love to release my favorite things each year that are focused on health, fitness and living a more toxin-free lifestyle!


I believe that helping give others useful tools to better their health is overall helping someone else live a better life… so bring on the helpful ideas this Christmas season of 2018!


Below is a list of some of my essentials, things I use in the home and some great stocking stuffer ideas if you need some small things for the entire family!

1.) For clean, purified water at home, BERKEY water filter

2.) The best smoothie blender, VITAMIX

3.) Air purifier in the home, LEVOIT

4.)  Healthy, ceramic, non-stick cooking skillets, GREENPAN

5.)  Eco reusable produce bags for grocery shopping, EARTHWISE

6.)  Glass flip-top drinking water bottle, ELLO

7.)  Non-toxic bamboo cutting board & cooking utensils, TALENTED KITCHEN

8.)  Ceramic travel coffee mugs with protective thermal sleeve, ELLO

9.) Reusable glass shatter-resistant, toxin-free drinking straws, KORSRELL

10.)  A super comfy womens workout or casual shoe, NIKE FREE TR 8 FLOCKED  (Search women’s training/gym shoe after clicking the provided link)

11.)  Resistance loop bands & sliders to make home workouts better, E LV

12.)  Perfect day coolers for packing healthy snacks & meals on the go, RTIC

13.)  Tongue scraper for optimal oral health. Copper is antimicrobial so won’t build up bacteria, WOWE

14.)  Electrolyte & mineral tabs for the on-the-go fitness lover, NUUN   *(can also find at local healthcare grocery stores)

15.)  Healthy gum that does not contain artificial sweeteners or ingredients, SPRY   *(can also find at local healthcare grocery stores) 

16.)  My preferred toxin-free household cleaner, THIEVES    *( you can hit up one of your amazing Young Living essential oils distributors!)    

17.)  Avocado slicer, an everyday item used in our home, OXO

18.)  Apple slicer, another everyday item used in our home, OXO


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