Let it begin

Let it begin

Welcome to my current state of being …which is a brain full of a million ideas thoughts and I’m hoping my feet can keep up with my head while putting this project together. I’m taking a big leap and jumping into this because of the outpouring of amazing encouragement from my class members, other fitness instructors, friends… and my own personal number one fan, my husband. (It’s always a plus to have a good-looking, hunk of a man cheering you on in life.) I’ve held back for a long time in truly moving forward with a project like this. I’ve wanted to be able to share knowledge, tips, advice and just my everyday experience being a fitness instructor and soon to be Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

I have been a fitness instructor for over five years and it has become an intense passion and a way of life for me. It’s one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences that I have set out to do. I am a mommy to an incredible little boy named Axle, and because of that blessing, my husband and I decided I would resign from my corporate full time job and spend my days raising him. It has been an adventure, and one that has thrown me onto one of the best journeys I could walk down in life.

I also have held back for so long on sharing my journey as simply a woman, a wife, a mother and one who fights for causes/issues that I believe in… maybe more behind the scenes than some would know. I have always struggled with wanting to be in the best light with others, never stir up conflict, and to keep silent on maybe controversial issues or topics just to keep the peace and remain neutral.

While I still am a work in progress on becoming more vocal on things I know God has given me to say…. I have a steadfast confidence knowing I have his strength within me to go forward with bravery and thought. He gives us wisdom and insight, a beating heart and a breath full of lungs….so I will use what he has given me to be a vessel and a resource to this world by sharing this journey I walk through every day. I have a fire lit underneath me in many ways and I have been wanting to be more courageous, act more boldly and stand up to speak on issues and topics that have molded me into the woman I am today. My word of the year is BOLDNESS, so I’m going to pursue that word and put myself out there to let the God-given light and knowledge within me shine to pass onto others.




It can be a long road of growth to overcome the battle that comes with putting yourself out there to not only be an open book for the world to see, but also to stand tall with humility and strength in the face of possible opposition, criticism or judgement.

This is where I truly believe God raises us up as individuals to rise and go be a difference maker and use what he has created within us. We are to grab that platform, stand firmly upon it and let every ounce of our being be the vessel he wants to fill to pour out onto others all around us. We were created uniquely with different callings, passions and causes ……. who am I to take what he has installed within me and throw it away by not stepping up to my calling?

I’m boldly and humbly welcoming this journey to be a light, an educator and a motivator. I’m willing to step away from maybe the sway of the popular way of opinion, the easy-steady don’t rock the boat way of living …and most importantly, the keep-quite don’t speak your thoughts because it may cause conflict type of mentality.  I want to educate in truth, motivate with encouragement and be a source of light that brings glory and honor to the one who created and saved me.

I’m rising to the challenge in this project, and I’m not stopping until I know that even just one life has been changed or influenced.

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