How to burn calories up to 30 hours after your workout

How to burn calories up to 30 hours after your workout

So many people spend more time in the gym working out than they truly need to. Outside of professional athletes, or training for a special event or sport…the average person simply trying to stay healthy and fit does not need to be in the gym past an hour to achieve true results.

There are simple tips to incorporate into your workout that will help accelerate the growth, and results that you want to see happen within the body without being a slave to the treadmill, free weights or even more than one group fitness class per day.

We need to understand how to maximize our time to get our bodies actively doing what it needs to do at just the right moments when we workout.

So how can we burn calories up to 30 hours after our workout?

1.) One of my first tips is to do an appropriate warmup for the body to prepare to go into action. I’m not talking about a simple walk if you really want to amp up your results with the time that you have. I’m talking about a warmup that helps increase the core temperature and muscle temperature while also increasing blood flow that increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to support your body as you transition into the main portion of the workout.

I recommend a stationery bike, stair master, or hopping on a row machine to get the blood pumping. You can also jump rope, do jumping jacks, box step-ups, or even perform a few lateral ski jumps side to side with your feet together as if you were truly skiing down a mountain.

This prepares the body to “rev up”, instead of throwing your body suddenly into a fast and extreme rise in heart rate when you jump into a full out workout without properly warming up.

2.) My second tip is to perform a “burnout” at the end of your workout.

This is actually very important and very key when you want to train to get optimal results and get the most bang for your work. This “burnout “ can also be called “Anaerobic” exercise, which is training without oxygen.

It’s short in duration, high intensity exercises lasting from seconds up to 2 minutes. After two minutes, the body’s aerobic system kicks in which is what we want it to do.

This is why I like to focus on the fast twitch muscle fibers doing things like : jumping, sprinting or quick bursts of plyometrics jumps in the last part of my training and with training other people. This is the “sweet spot” of the workout and one of the best secrets for those who want to get maximum results with a short amount of time in the gym or in a class.

The anaerobic effect starts to happen when about 80+% of our max heart rate is used in these short fast segments of intensity also called EPOC, (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.) It allows the body to burn calories for up to over 30 hours post workout, and who wouldn’t want that type of outcome after all that hard work they just did?

So, essentially …max yourself out in the last few minutes of your workout to create this Anaerobic effect for a better optional training session so you will already be ahead of the game when it comes to the quality of your workout, instead of the quantity or time you spend trying to get results.

Two simple tips to maximize your hard work for true results for not just the athlete or pro, but for all of us as average men and women trying to stay healthy, fit and excel in our fitness journey.

I’m cheering you on and hoping these two simple fit tips will help you change things up, and start seeing better results in your fitness routine!

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