What foods are best to eat for breakfast?

What foods are best to eat for breakfast?

The typical American breakfast diet consists of bread, refined-carbohydrates, meat and sugar. It’s not uncommon for most families to eat cereal loaded with sugar, toast, pasteries, pancakes, yogurt, snack or protein bars, sausages, and bacon as their first meal of the day. While all of these breakfast foods may be the “norm,” they couldn’t be further from what our body needs for the first meal of the day. 

I believe a majority of us are usually pressed for time in the morning. We rely on simply getting something in our bellies before heading out  the door for our day. Creating a gourmet breakfast can be time-challenging and overwhelming to a lot of families, so I wanted to provide a few helpful tips on how to create simple habits and what foods are best to transform into our morning routine for us and our entire family.

The issue with all the traditional American breakfast foods is how they are affecting the body first thing in the morning.

First Problem:

Our bodies have been asleep overnight and are essentially in break-down mode to process and repair while we sleep. It is dehydrated first thing in the morning after sleeping for 8+ hours. Most people have a habit of drinking a large cup of coffee first thing in the morning for that caffeine rush to get us going. However, what we neglect to see is that we are further dehydrating our bodies since that is essentially what coffee does to our body.

First Solution:

Our bodies need to be flushed with hydration first thing in the morning. It needs water and minerals to hydrate our organs and muscles by drinking a large glass of water and adding in a fresh squeezed lemon or lime. This will help balance the body PH level to tone down the acidity and become more alkaline. Coffee can be enjoyed later, but it truly doesn’t serve our body or help it thrive if its the first thing we do when we wake up. As an added bonus, I suggest a pinch of pink himalayan sea salt in your water with lemon or lime.

My next food suggestion without doubt goes against the popular and trending way of eating right now that pushes meat in the Paleo and Ketogenic diets. While I know some follow that diet and have found success with them, I want to make sure that I pass along truths and education that I, as a Holistic Nutritionist have learned. Remember…this blog is all about what to eat first thing in the morning.

Second Problem:

When we wake up and eat meat, refined carbohydrates(white, processed carbs), sugar, and dairy ….we are doing more harm than we know. The two things our bodies have the hardest time breaking down is MEAT and DAIRY. The body is truly not able to start off or “rev up” in the way it should to begin resetting and preparing for optimal digestion when we load it up with these type of foods first thing. We need something that will help fuel the body with healthy substance and a good source of energy.

Second Solution:

Fuel the body with foods that can be easily digested and absorbed. Eliminate all processed and sugary boxed breakfast foods, meats and white breads or “breakfast bars.”  Go for a vegan smoothie that is loaded with greens, fruits and a vegan based protein. (I personally love Amazing Grass, Garden of Life, Shakeology, and Daily Nutrition Support formula from equilibriumnutrition.com for vegan protein smoothie brands.) Try a gluten free steel cut oatmeal breakfast that provides a great source of complex carbohydrates and protein.  I would also suggest adding dark berries to your oatmeal to get essential antioxidants flowing through the body.

My Suggestions:

Vegan Green Smoothie:

Our bodies can easily absorb a smoothie…

It can digest the liquid nutrition quickly while it also helps hydrate the body first thing in the morning.

Gluten free oats, dark berries, almond, flax seed, banana


The oatmeal breakfast provides energy that we need to start our day off strong by fueling with a complex carbohydrate that also helps provide “bulk” to fill us up. It provides soluble fiber and helps stabilize blood glucose levels.

The added dark berries ( blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) provide antioxidants, vitamins and cancer-fighting compounds in the body. They also have a lower glycemic rating, so they wont spike your blood sugar.

What foods are best to eat for breakfast?

Gluten free oats with almond milk, pumpkin seeds, almonds, berries and coconut

These are meals that I know would help your body thrive, heal and function at full capacity!

Other smart ideas for your first meal of the day:

  • Organic free range eggs
  • Spinach leaves/greens
  • Avocado
  • Organic olive oil /Coconut oil (virgin, unrefined)

I hope these suggestions can help you in your health journey and can provide you with a plan of what to eat as your first meal of the day!

Love, Lindsay

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