My Favorite Things- Christmas gift ideas!

My Favorite Things- Christmas gift ideas!

I absolutely love this time of year...

*Just a quick note about this post! None of the following links are affiliate links – just things I love!

It’s December and we officially have two weeks left until Christmas!

This is the month that we as a family celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, and truly believe that HE is the reason for all our celebration. We try to keep our focus above and remember that this holiday is not all about gifts, frosty the snowman, elves and cookies, ha! Although we do love all those things and find so much joy being a part of all the holiday traditions…we still believe that this special time of the year doesn’t have to equal stress, anxiety and going financially broke to celebrate Christmas.

All that said, I also love to give at Christmas time and I know that some people are like me when it comes to shopping. A last minute, online-only shopper! I try to avoid the mall and heavily trafficked stores around this time of year and that is why I wanted to bring you some fun online gift ideas!

Here are 15 fun gift ideas that I personally LOVE, use and recommend! This is NOT a sponsored post, it’s simply a list of things I have in my house that won’t break the bank either!


1.) Goodr non-slip sport glasses $25

These polarized glasses come in several bright, fun colors and make for great sport glasses or casual weekends out in the sun.

2.) Greenpan cookware  $150-400

I’m currently building up my set of this non-toxic, healthy ceramic cookware pieces! PFAS and PFOA free, lead and cadmium free too! I’m slowly getting rid of my old cookware that is not ceramic, stainless steel or glass. It’s important to me to have non-toxic cookware to use while cooking for my family and this brand is one of the few on the top of my list! You can slowly build up by purchasing one piece at a time or the entire set!

3.) Piper Wai natural aluminum-free deodorant  $12-17

I’m big on being mindful of what we put on our skin. Traditional deodorants contain aluminum which is really toxic and harmful to be absorbed through our skin. I love this aluminum-free, all-natural deodorant that uses charcoal and essential oils to provide great protection from sweat, perspiration and odor all day. It passes the test of being in the gym all day long!

4.) Le Creuset citrus juicer $32.00

If you could be a fly on my wall each morning, you would be able to see how much lemon and lime I squeeze into my cup of water upon waking up. I use this ceramic squeezer every single day, numerous times of the day. You don’t have to necessarily get this one, but I do recommend a glass, ceramic or stainless steel squeezer. Perfect as a stocking stuffer! * You could also check 

5.) Qalo silicone women and men’s sport ring $9.50-29

For the fitness lover in me, this ring is a must! This soft, medical-grade silicone ring comes in a ton of colors and shapes and makes for a perfect substitution ring while in the gym or working out outdoors.

6.) Instant Pot $79 -180 depending on which model, digital or non-digital.

I honestly don’t know how I lived before using the Instant Pot. Think Crockpot, but on steroids! This pressure cooker makes stews, soups, meats, rice, yogurt, eggs, desserts and more a breeze! It cooks food in half the time and makes for a perfect way to keep family dinners centered around the table together. We purchased the digital instant pot and use it ALL the time. * You could also check

7.) S’well traveler mug  $25-45

Need a cute stylish traveler mug that keeps drinks cold and hot? This is it. Perfect for wintertime coffee and tea in the car! Love their variety of colors and patterns.

8.) Himalayan sea salt lamp $20-40 (average)

These have so many advantages to keeping one or more in the house. Benefits of these lamps are amazing and I highly recommend getting one for your household. We have them in all the main rooms we spend a lot of time in. Make sure to only buy the “true” pink/orange salt lamps! The fake ones will appear light in color, almost white.

9.) Zum essential oils mist $10-12 (average)

Filling the room with scents like lemon, lavender, frankincense, rosemary and more…this essential oil based mist is amazing! A squirt on bed sheets or on the body goes a long way! No artificial ingredients or chemicals makes this mist an A+ for me! * You can also find these at most local healthfood stores, or even Target as well. 

10.) Lush bath bombs $6-25

These heavenly bath bombs are filled with essential oils and turn bath water all kinds of beautiful and sparkly colors! The aroma is amazing, and gives good reason to slip away and get some kid-free relaxation time in !

11.) BareSkin brightening serum makeup by bareMinerals  $30

This product just HAD to go on my favorite list this year. This lightweight sheer-light coverage is my staple foundation for my everyday look. Between training clients, teaching fitness classes and being a mommy-on the go…this makeup coverage is great at sticking through it all. I love that it doesn’t feel like makeup because it doesn’t “cake” up or look fake. Its a natural coverage that goes underneath the Bare Minerals powder to give me a fresh clean face that still looks like “skin!”  This would be a great stocking gift for any lady in your life. You can also shop for this at Ulta, or local beauty shops.

12.) S’well water bottle $25-45

Talk about a sleek and stylish water bottle to take on the go! This beauty keeps liquid cold, and has 3 different sizes/ounces options depending on what you need and like. I love the colors and patterns of this bottle and would recommend this for a guy or a girl gift!

13.) Avalon Organics body lotion $15 and up

Another great gift or stocking stuffer idea! This organic lavender formula is non-gmo, and doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, chemicals, or synthetic fragrances or colors. This lotion is not greasy and it dries quickly once put on. I’ve been using it for years and it comes stocked on my local healthfood store shelves too! You can buy online at or search at places like Sprouts, Target, Natural Grocers,Walgreens, etc. It comes in plain Aloe Vera scent, but Lavender is my favorite!

14.) Glass food storage containers $40 and up

I’m a huge proponent of eliminating as much plastic from life as possible. There are chemicals that can emit into our foods when heated inside a plastic container, so for that reason I believe glass is a much better option. We found our 24 piece set at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but you could also try too!

15.) Eco organic self tanner $30-35

I LOVE this stuff! Streak-free, no orange color and there is no bad smell. The color is super natural and there are no harmful chemicals or “junk” in this self-tanner. This tanner is certified organic and contains ingredients like Cacao to provide a fast, non-greasy color to darken your skin. It’s all-natural formulation makes me feel comfortable to use it all the time. This is a must product!

I hope this list gives you some last-minute ideas that will allow you to shop from home in your comfy clothes!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Love, Lindsay

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