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As a former professional NBA dancer, I knew my love for dance would need to continue in some format somehow. After two years of dancing for the OKC Thunder Girls, I began my journey as a fitness instructor teaching hip hop cardio classes. My goal is to inspire and help others realize their full potential when attending my classes. Dance fitness has become my calling and it will always be what drives my motivation for why I teach and lead classes for others.


Original Choreography

by Lindsay Amilian

One of the easiest routines to repeat sequences of moves in your fitness class! This is a great one to do in the middle of class for a breather, or close to the end as a cool down. 6 moves that repeat over and over make it simple for everyone to pick up on and bust out in full swing!


Current Live Class Schedule

with Lindsay Amilian

Come join our big-time SWEAT-y cardio class where you don’t have to be a trained dancer to do this workout!

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