Brussel sprouts holiday dish

Brussel sprouts holiday dish

Just the sound of them… “Brussel Sprouts” can scare many people away. I believe mostly because we associate these “slimy” and “bland tasting” sprouts with an old bad childhood memory of a family member telling us we had to eat them before we could leave the dinner table.

Well, get ready to change your entire perspective of these nutrient-filled and hearty sprouts! I am going to share one of my favorite side dishes to cook up for holiday meals that TRULY will change the way you view and think about brussel sprouts for good!


This is a quick, easy recipe that has become a family favorite that gets requested time and time again. It calls for just 4 ingredients and spices to make a perfect side dish when you need to whip up something tasty and homemade!

It may not be the “typical” Thanksgiving staple food, but it will certainly provide a new kick to your holiday with an added bonus of nutrition!



If you are avoiding traditional dairy (which I recommend), this is a good brand of non-dairy cheese to shred on your dish instead…

Red Palm Oil is rich in vitamins and has a good buttery flavor. To read my recent blog on the health benefits and how else to use it, you can read it here:

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I am very focused on teaching about the whole food, more plant-based way of eating. However, I also believe that one can live this way a majority of the time while still incorporating organic, nitrate-free meats that do not contain antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids from quality sources. If you choose to include the turkey bacon in this recipe, I would only recommend a brand that can meet the above standards.



I hope you enjoy this recipe…

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and your family!


Love, Lindsay

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