Lindsay Amilian

My story

How I Got Here

I have been a dancer since a young girl and can’t remember a year of my life where I wasn’t actively involved in classes, competitions, or on a dance team. I was a member of the University of Central Oklahoma’s Pom squad and then spent a year on the former Oklahoma City Arena Football Yard Dawgz dance team. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I entered corporate America and worked full time in sales as a territory manager for two different large healthcare companies. As if that wasn’t enough on my plate … I decided to audition for a spot on one of the top NBA dance teams! I spent two years dancing for the OKC Thunder Girls dance team and have transitioned from that to a wife, a dance fitness instructor and then recently to a new mom of a sweet little baby boy.

Dance fitness is more than a passion of mine, it’s a part of who I am and I love seeing my class members mirror this passion as I watch them transform while taking my class.

I love challenging people to push through my high energy, sweaty classes. To help them feel that accomplished feeling when the class is over and they made it through like a champ. I teach an easy to follow along style of class, yet challenge your endurance and ability to go harder and stronger with each song in the playlist. I love seeing people become loyal students and hearing it’s the best part of their week when they come alive on the dance floor. It’s inspiring and motivating to me as an instructor.

My inspiration

Doing what I love

My calling

Sharing & Helping

I’m also an avid researcher and investigator when it comes to nutrition and living out a pure, holistic lifestyle. After battling with stomach issues and inflammation, which turned out to be “leaky gut syndrome” and then led to “adrenal fatigue syndrome”…I had to learn how to heal my gut and start eating in a way that aided my body to restoration. Through this journey, I have tried and tested what it means to eliminate toxins, harmful chemicals and detrimental ingredients from my daily diet and lifestyle.
I am a big cheerleader for choosing an organic, non-GMO, and clean ingredient food sources for our family, and want to provide what I have learned throughout the years to you and your family. I’m always being asked about our choices and why we choose them over the conventional way of eating and buying products, so …it led me to pursue my title as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

LindsayAmilian.com is a direct reflection of the things I've learned

Formerly Pure Sweat Project, this “project” is the culmination of who I have become, what makes my heart beat and the pouring out of my experience thus far as a mom, wife, dance fitness instructor, fitness coach, nutrition nerd and a child of the risen king Jesus.

LindsayAmilian.com is a direct reflection of the things I’ve learned, the failures I’ve overcome and the successes I’ve come to humbly rejoice in. Teaching has become an avenue that sets my heart on fire to help educate, motivate and inspire others to transform their lives as well.

Have any questions or are you interested in a collaboration with me? Please contact me at lindsay@lindsayamilian.com

Photography by: Kelsi Laine Photography  http://www.kelsilaine.com